Decorative DeZign Interiors

"The Best that Ever Did It "

Custom Builds

Here at Decorative DeZign, we help people to build their dream homes by building what they can imagine. If you bring an idea for a custom table, bench, bookcase, etc., then we can draw it out and build it. Below is just one example of our custom work. However, you can browse even further by clicking the "check our work" button below.

Furniture Repairs

At Decorative DeZign, we repair any wood furniture to the best of our capabilities, from fixing broken chairs, to repairing couch frames. Even repairing broken table legs. No matter how small, simple, or even more complex, if Decorative DeZign can fix it, we will.


At Decorative DeZign Interiors, we pride ourselves on our upholstery skills. We take pride in leaving quality results with our upholstery works. We dedicate ourselves to nothing less than quality work. So with every stitch, thread, and staple, Decorative DeZign Interiors has it covered to your satisfaction, with nothing but quality work.
In addition to these primary services, Decorative DeZign also offers many other services as well, such as custom alterations, furniture paint jobs, etc. So whether you instead want a dresser painted, or even something as simple as a board being re-finished, never hesitate to consider Decorative DeZign Interiors.